Senior Project Manager (Moscow, Russia)

Project manager responsible for a project implementation and who also, handles communication with the client.

The senior project manager controls the project from the beginning of its preparation until the closing documents are signed. His responsibilities include, among other things, communicating with the client, preparing the project proposal, leading the project team, finding contractors for the project and reaching agreements with them, preparing the project budget, moderating creative ideas, monitoring project progress and other tasks.

Senior project manager may also be involved in non-project tasks of the agency that contribute to its development.

The senior project manager, working from the Moscow office, mainly focuses on projects in the Eastern European market.

Salary – by agreement.
The working day is as long as the working tasks are carried out, but not less than 8 hours a day.


  • The opportunity to put your hand to the best projects on Twitch and beyond
  • Clear career progression opportunities
  • A young and fun team with a friendly atmosphere
  • A unique experience from every new project
  • Opportunity to work with the biggest stars of streaming, esports and blogging


  • Experienced in project management, team management, budgeting, client communication
  • Passionate about esports and streaming, as well as interested in current industry events and cases
  • Has knowledge about Twitch, platform features, features of streaming on Twitch and audience interests at the platform
  • Ability to work with Excel, Powerpoint, Word and their equivalents; be able to make effective sales presentations
  • Prepared for irregular working hours in certain projects
  • Has own laptop for work
  • Based in Moscow / Prepared to move to Moscow to work from Moscow office located at Belorusskaya metro station